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What's Needed to Get Car Insurance with No License in Lexington

If you're reading this, it's probably because you no longer have a valid driver's license in Lexington, but you still have a very good reason for wanting to sign up for car insurance.

The truth is, there are several good reasons why someone might want to pay for automobile insurance with no license in Lexington.

Does this situation already apply to you currently? Then let's go over how to get car insurance with no license in Lexington.

The Real Reason Why Someone May Want Car Insurance with No License in Lexington

It may seem paradoxical why someone would want car insurance without a license in Lexington if they can't drive, but it starts to make perfect sense if you imagine said person has someone driving for them.

Perhaps this license lacking driver still needs to make appointments or get to work. In this case they can have someone designated as the primary driver on their car insurance who takes them to their destinations. This could be someone like a personal chauffer who has his or her own license.

Another good reason to get car insurance with no license in Lexington is because someone might live with someone else who has a valid driver's license but has no car and no car insurance of their own. In this case, one can theoretically lend their spouse, roommate or child their car so that they can do their own errands and other things.

How to Get Car Insurance in Lexington without a Driver's License

Now here comes the important bit: how exactly does one get car insurance without their own driver's license? The simple answer is to use the information and the driver's license of the person intended to be the primary driver.

When signing up for car insurance, you will be asked to provide something called a valid driver's license number. You won't have this number yourself but the person who is intended to operate your vehicle will. Give the car insurance company this number and also make sure to explain your situation to them. Tell them why you are not driving, whether it be due to age or health issues.

If the primary driver does not live with you at your address in Lexington, then make sure to provide that info and any other information the insurance company requests as well.

Make sure to also check to see if your state has any specific rules about assigning a primary driver to your car insurance in the event that you don't have a driver's license. Consult with your insurer in case you are not sure.

How to Get Car Insurance in Lexington with a Suspended Driver's License

If you lost your license due to a legal issue and as a result, had it suspended, acquiring car insurance in Lexington may prove to be a challenge for you. It's not impossible though.

While your mileage may vary depending on which car insurance company you register with, it is possible to have your request for car insurance denied. This is simply because some insurance companies will find clients of this sort too risky even though they will not be driving. There could also be extra stipulations that are state specific that would prevent you from getting car insurance.

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